Shut Up And Fuck

Men Of Uk is a great site for erotic needs. It usually has a nice build up scene before the action starts. That is one of my favorite things about this site and the others in the network, but sometimes I prefer to go straight to the sex. This movie does not disappoint.
Starting off you meet the sexy Paddy O’Brian and Donato Reyes (who are both hunky models for going out to lunch together. In the canteen they see the cute young Tyler Morgan who is a new comer. They walk up to him and without saying anything to him, put him on his knees. Their cocks are out before you know it and the action has started. Getting straight down to the dirty is always the best option when Paddy has a hard on.

The men stay dressed for the majority of the scene in their office attire. They are smart and sex. We get to live out our fantasy to the fullest in this canteen. Paddy is obviously doing an amazing job sucking both cocks as Paddy and Donato are moaning and enjoying it. Both men on top have long, dominating cocks, and Tylers piece of meat is pretty impressive as well.
As if the sucking wasn’t enough, the men grow hungry for Tyler’s lovely twink ass. They bend him over the table in his tie and socks and make him their plaything while still wearing their shirts and ties. Then They sit him on their laps and hold him by the waste while battering his butt. Reyes pleasures himself and then they give him a full spit-roasting.
Seeing these two big, sexy men drilling the smooth slimmer gorgeous O’Brian is turn on enough, but seeing him sprawled across the table and then being cum on is pure blissful erotica. Young Tyler will go far if he continues to allow his body to be used this way; I’d personally love to give him a job. click here to play a free video preview of this episode pf Men Of Uk

Suite 33 Part 4

Suite 33 is ready for another night of man on man fun. There is something hot and exciting about this room. There is no time to check out the room some more as Paddy and Goran get the things started off right away.
Paddy O’Brian is recalling some memories he had from his visit to Suite 33. This dark, tanned, attractive black hair man turns to the bed. On the bed is muscular Goran. Paddy goes over to the bed eager to join him. Both men are wearing nothing but tight fitting black underwear. They are build well with rippling muscles. The men touch each other, exploring their bodies. O’Brian cannot keep his hands of Goran.

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The two men are similar in build and passion. The difference between them is that one is smooth to the touch and the other is slightly hairy. Goran’s ass is smooth as Paddy licks around the rim. He opens the hole up all the way and puts his warm tongue in it. He then removes his tongue and put his cock in the hole. They start to f**k nice and slow, Goran’s ass taking all in eigtht and a half inches of Paddy.

They continue on doggy style and then switch it up to the missionary position. O’Brian continues to fuck Goran as he jerks him off.
Goran take it laying on his back until his cums. Paddy then beings stroking his own cock and getting his fluid everywhere. The men kiss to end their tryst. Both men are left feeling satisfied. The secret of Suite 33 is still unknown. This can be a room at the back of a nightclub or maybe somewhere else. The men had made a mess of the expensive sheets and there is still more funto come. This suite holds the secrets to pleasure.

Shaft Lane 3

Rugby is a very physical sport. Sometimes there is more to see in the shower after the game then during the game. The players are muscular, fit, and hard up from some shower time fun with each other.

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Paddy O’Brian is showing newcomer Landon Conrad how to celebrate after the game. Landon is 5’10, muscular, tattooed, and has a long uncut cock. After the game Dan is asking Colby, who is the team captain how he is doing. He has good ball control but needs some help with his tackling technique. While they are talking Paddy is already thinking naught things. Dan is about to get into the show and Colby cannot help but to stare at his long cock. Colby cannot help himself and gets in the shower with Dan.
The men start kissing. Colby still has his cloths on and they are getting wet. Dan gets down and his knees and starts scrubbing Colby’s stiff cock and his balls. Conrad gets naked and returns the favor to Dan. They men are blowing each other under a jet of water with their muscular bodies glistening.

Dan bends over and allows Colby to run his tongue around the rim. O’Brian then puts his hard cock into Dan’s tight ass. They start off slowly and Dan gets used to this position fast. Dan has not been fucked like that before but he is enjoy it. Dan is bent over then Colby gets him doggy style and then throws his body around. He has cock is swinging in the win. Dan shoots his load and Colby continues to drill his tight ass. Paddy o´Brian then cums all over Dan and both men are finished. Dan is going to do very well on this team. After all of that action them men need a cold shower to calm themselves down.